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About Zawada Construction

Before I came to England, I lived and worked in Italy as a decorator where I became very familiar with this faculty and self-employed quite quickly. Unfortunately, the crisis that hit the Italian economy forced me to leave the country. In September 2014 I arrived in England and started working as an assistant in a Polish construction company.  As I was one of the few in the company who already knew English, I got quickly noticed by my superiors. Promoted to a foreman and having the right team, I quickly got acquainted with the English construction standards and rules.

The first project that I supervised was the construction of a new house which I managed to finish within the time that the program set up. After three performed projects I started looking for new challenges and that’s why I tried to be promoted to a manager project. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I’ve already been carrying out several construction projects at the same time and I’ve dealt with the entire management of these projects, too.  At the beginning, it was pretty hard for me, but thanks to a good organization as well as finding the right people it was getting easier every single day. In this moment, I started to look for more again. I changed a construction company to see what it was like in other places, get to know their structure, enter the entire system and explore what to do to become even better. Finally, I reached the point zero.

Now I’m the owner of my own business. My team consists of 12 people and we all work on my own terms. I take care of the projects management, because I think that it’s what I do best.
Each of my employees knows perfectly how to do his job so as to achieve the results that will be satisfying for our customers. Moreover, I cooperate with other construction companies with different profiles and thanks to that I’ve managed to acquire new clients.