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Zawada Construction - basement waterproofing & basement construction London
What is a basement construction?

As the foundation of your structure, basement construction in London is a critical part of any building project. From piling to waterproofing, design to construction, building a basement in London is something that you need the best professional team on for the finest and safest results.

At Zawada Construction, we have a team of expert basement contractors across London who are on hand to build the basement you want at a price you can appreciate.

From basement waterproofing in London cellars to building a basement in a London home to add some entertaining space, basement construction work can transform your home and give you the space you have always wanted.

Whether you are doing a domestic basement construction project in your London home, or a basement excavation under your commercial premises, your basement construction will be done to the highest safety standards in the industry, that is the Zawada Construction promise.

Why choose our basement construction services in London ?
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Trusted Service from
Professional Teams

As a basement company in London that has a portfolio of projects to showcase our basement construction work, we will work closely with each customer to ensure you can trust the work we do. From start to finish, our basement waterproofing, basement excavation and basement construction work in London properties is always done by a team of trusted professionals. All our basement contractors across London are professionally accredited and experienced within our industry, giving peace of mind to all our clients who know their results will deliver what they want.

Fully Project Managed
Basement Construction

When we embark on a project, we do things properly and oversee the project properly and professionally from start to finish. Whether it’s a basement waterproofing job at a London townhouse, a basement excavation at a commercial property, or building a basement for new London build, our dedicated project manager will take charge and keep you, the customer, informed at every stage of the work.

On Time, On Budget
Basement Construction

Our building contractors in London work to an agreed schedule and use efficient methods to keep to that, delivering maximum results with minimum disruption. For all basement waterproofing, basement excavation and basement construction work in London, contact Zawada for service you can trust.

Zawada Basement Specialist Answers: Can I Add a Basement Construction For My Home?

When it comes to basement construction in London homes, it is not as common as somewhere like North America, but they are becoming far more requested. At Zawada, we believe that building a basement in London should be happening more often, as they not only increase the size of your home, they add value to your property too.

Far from the dark, damp space some people envision, our basement construction at London properties are designed to create stunning spaces that can transform your living space and area. Whether it’s a basement excavation to convert your London cellar, or a new basement construction, contact our basement contractors today, we’ll get things done.

Basement Company London Advising: Building a Basement Gives you a lot of Options

When building a basement in your London home it’s all about what you can use them for. One great thing when you are building a basement in your London home is that they are great for noise insulation, making them ideal for a teenager’s den or a place to watch television, or to create a cinema room where you won’t disturb anyone with loud speakers. As an experienced and established basement company in London, we also do basement construction in London homes that are designed to build new bathrooms, en suite rooms and all kinds of rooms. For those wanting a basement construction as extra storage for their London home, it really is a great idea. To us, it doesn’t matter why you want a basement construction at your London home, our basement contractors are on hand to make it happen.

Zawada basement construction, foundation waterproofing & basement waterproofing London - Design & Planning

Professional Basement
Design Service London

At Zawada Construction, we know that building a basement in London starts with design work. Whether you want a basement construction for a wine cellar in your large London home, or some commercial basement waterproofing at your London headquarters, getting the design right is about bespoke ideas that are designed to deliver the results you want.

Our team of expert basement contractors in London work to precise designs and tailor made blueprints, meaning that building a basement in London is something clients can do with confidence and assurity. We guarantee that your designs will match the results, making us a trusted basement company to many London clients.

Basement Construction London:
Planning for Success

Whether it’s critical basement waterproofing to protect your London home, or a basement excavation project at your new London office location, planning is the key to success. When building a basement in London, our attention to detail and forensic level of planning ensures that our work sets industry standards.

From foundation waterproofing to building a new basement, nothing goes unchecked in our preparation work, and every part of the project is mapped out. Piling, clearing, excavating and basement construction completion, our basement contractors in London plan for the best, and deliver results that show why. For expertly planned and professionally delivering basement construction in London, contact Zawada Construction.

How To Hire The Best London Basement Waterproofing Experts?

When it comes to basement construction in London, careful planning is important. Whether you are doing a basement construction for extra living space, or doing basement waterproofing in your London home to prevent later issues or to fix existing minor problems, ensuring that your home is safe from damp damage and other water related issues that can affect basements is extremely important.

Put simply, when you need to get basement waterproofing and foundation waterproofing at your London property, it’s incredibly important to hire the best team possible to do this kind of specialist work.

One of the elements of basement waterproofing in London is related to the fact that pressurised groundwater can potentially seep through your basement’s floor and walls, causing all sorts of havoc like structural weakness and property damage.

Even though high quality basement waterproofing in London properties can be somewhat costly, the cost of delaying or postponing this work could be dramatically more expensive, especially if excess moisture in your basement has caused mould to grow, a potential health issue as well as a safety one.

At Zawada Construction, we know that your home is your biggest asset, which is why all our basement construction and basement excavation work in London is done by our highly trained and dedicated basement contractors. As a trusted basement company in London, we take care to protect you from potential problems by using effective and proven basement waterproofing solutions for all our London customers, meaning less stress for homeowners and trusted results.

If you are building a basement in your London home you want and deserve to get work that is guaranteed to last, and to be done to the most exacting standards. At Zawada Construction, we promise to deliver all that and more, with professional basement construction that you can trust. For all your basement excavation, basement waterproofing and foundation waterproofing needs in London, contact us today for results you can put your house on, literally.

Basement Contractors London: Top 5 Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

For many homeowners, there are many things to consider when it comes to their property purchase, but quite often, basement waterproofing and basement construction at their London home is not always near the top of that list.

Though basement waterproofing in London may seem less important or aesthetically serious than a new kitchen, for example, the idea of a damp and moldy basement is not something you will want to worry about.

Building a basement, or doing basement waterproofing in an existing basement at your London property can be highly beneficial, here are just some of the reasons why:

Increase Space & Value of Your Home
In the minds of some people, a basement construction in London conjures up images of spaces that are nothing more than old, musty storage spaces for your junk or a place to do some laundry or domestic chores. But building a basement in your London home can mean a lot more than that, as we at Zawada Construction know all too well.

From a purely space related perspective, you can add a huge amount of space by building a basement under your London property, with all the flexibility that extra room brings you. Whether it’s another bedroom, an entertainment space, or anything else, basement construction in London homes, where space is often at a premium, adds both usable space and value to your property.

Reducing Energy Costs
Though it may be hard to believe when you first hear it, building a basement in your London home, or doing a basement waterproofing job could be a way to save on your home’s energy costs.

Simply, if you do a basement renovation or construction under your London property, you can effectively seal up old cracks, dramatically increasing your domestic energy efficiency by preventing cold air from coming in during the colder months, while lowering the humidity in the warmer times of the year, not to mention saving on air conditioning costs.

Avoid Serious Long Term Health Risks
Water and humidity can cause toxic mold to grow, and quickly, which is yet another reason to get basement waterproofing under your London property. Toxic black mold can grow in a little as 24-48 hours, which can lead to health issues for those living there, something nobody wants. As a trusted basement company in London, we can do basement waterproofing and renovation that can help stop this, to avoid potentially serious health risks posed by continued exposure to mold growth.

Protecting Your Investment
When you buy a home, you are making a huge investment, probably the biggest single asset you will ever own, which is why it is so important to protect that. We know that decorating, remodeling, and adding your personal stamp to your property is important, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make other changes such as basement waterproofing at your London home. Foundation waterproofing is critical to your London property, literally the foundation of where you live, so keeping it in immaculate condition should never be a second thought.

Peace of Mind
Peace of mind is huge for any homeowner, so doing things that reduce stress and improve your mindset is important. From basement waterproofing in older London homes to foundation waterproofing in London townhouses, peace of mind can be gained by taking care of all these things.