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What is sheet piling and contiguous piling in London ?

When it comes to contiguous piling in London, it forms the basis and foundation of a wide range of construction work. Piling represents the essential support that is required for any structure or building, setting deep foundations.

As one of the trusted piling companies in London, we know just how critical this work is, which is why all our piling contractors across London are professionally accredited and industry experienced.

We use the best materials available for all our contiguous piling work in London, whether that’s steel, concrete or wood, each based on your precise structural needs and requirements.

Our sheet piling and general piling contractors in London use large amounts of the appropriate material to create a structural solid base to ensure a successful construction project follows, with safety a core value. From the condition of the soil to the moisture and other considerations, our piling service in London takes everything into account to ensure the best results for all our piling work.

Contiguous piling London process with Zawada
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All contiguous piling in London involves four different but equally important stages. As one of the most trusted piling companies in London, we ensure that all of this is done to the highest standards. Our piling contractors working across London take professional pride in this work that helps deliver each stage with safety and structural strength in mind.

Stage 1

Stage one is where our piling contractors in London focus on setting up lead casing on the ground, and dropping the hammer casing

Stage 2

After this, our piling service in London moves to stage two, which is where our piling contractors drop the hammer, always from a carefully predetermined height, which drives the casing firmly and deeply into the ground. Our piling contractors in London use a set depth and add more casings as the contiguous piling work progresses.

Stage 3

At stage three of the contiguous piling process at London sites, our piling contractors withdraw the hammer,a critical part of any groundomat or contiguous piling project at London construction sites.

Stage 4

Our piling service for London clients concludes with stage four of the contiguous piling process. This is where our piling contractors working in London fill the pile casing with concrete and grout, before ensuring any reinforcement needed is also done.

Contiguous piling - Sheet Piling & Mini Piling Contractors London

What are Sheet Piles?

As all good piling contractors in London can tell you, sheet piles are sections of sheet materials with interlocking edges. During contiguous piling work in London, these are driven into the ground to provide retention and excavation support and are commonly made of steel, but they can also be formed from timber or reinforced concrete.

Used for many different purposes by piling companies in London, our sheet piling structural engineers provide expert advice and guidance on your construction project. Our piling service in London offers sheet piling as a more cost-effective solution to other methods, giving you the added benefit of requiring no curing time before excavation work can begin.

How does sheet piling work?

Sheet piling contractors in London know that sheet piling is used wherever a wall is needed to retain soil or water, with the sheets driven into position using a vibration or hammer driven piling machine. Contiguous piling on London construction projects is where sheets interlock with each other, which makes them quite versatile and suitable for a variety of different uses.

Once the piling contractors at your London site have arranged them together, the sheet piles can be used as permanent or temporary earth support. If the ground conditions are too hard, particularly in colder climates, impact hammers can be used when installing sheet piles into position.

What makes our contiguous piling contractors in London Unique?

When it comes to piling service in London, Zawada Construction is the company to call and the team to trust. Our unique, customer-focused approach to all contiguous and groundomat projects across London is based on superior building techniques, the best materials for the job, and an attention to detail that makes us one of the most trusted piling companies in London.

All our piling contractors in London work closely with clients to make sure our work is focused on getting the results they want, ensuring a successful construction project from start to finish. With our unique, industry leading commitment to safe, structurally sound and cost effective contiguous piling in London, we are renowned for our results and appreciated for our competitive pricing.

To enjoy a unique and professional contiguous piling team in London, contact Zawada Construction and see why so many people see us as one of the leading piling companies in London.

Zawada piling contractors London
What is sheet piling and contiguous piling in London ?

At Zawada Construction, we have a dedicated team of mini-piling contractors across London, as this is a different kind of piling work. Mini piling is a more appropriate type of piling for construction projects that don’t offer you much space inside the building or job site.

Piling companies in London will use mini-piling on projects where ground engineering has difficult accessibility, especially if you try to move heavy machinery or equipment to the site. Mini piling creates the necessary foundation to sustain these activities.

When your work environment has restrictive access, then getting mini piling contractors on your London construction project is appropriate. Sometimes you can use mini piling on site instead of standard footings if you’re building a factory or house on less than perfect ground. If you have a structure that is already built, such as retaining walls or bridges, then mini piling is useful for them too.

Here are 10 benefits of having mini piling contractors on your London construction job:

1) Installation is fast if ground conditions are right.
2) Mini piling does a good job under compression and stress.
3) Builders can work well in tight spaces, especially in homes with extensions being constructed.
4) Nearby structures may experience small disturbances while mini piling is installed
5) Installing mini piling is affordable if ground conditions are right. Heavy loads are okay
6) It is not difficult to install the mini piling at a greater depth into the ground.
7) Great for working in areas with restricted access and low headroom.
8) Mini piling can be integrated into the structure of a current foundation system.
9) If you’re working close to other buildings or you wish to protect the environment, then mini piling is the solution.
10) You don’t need as much steel and concrete materials, which is another way to be environmentally friendly with mini piling, as our mini-piling contractors in London know well.

Zawada Construction Ltd offers different Types of Piling

Mini Piling – Auger Bored and Driven Piles

As one of the trusted piling companies in London, we work on sites and projects of many sizes. For smaller sites with limited access, or sites that are environmentally sensitive, our mini piling contractors rig is ideal, including work on house extensions, conservatory bases, or detached building plots.

During this piling service at London sites, our piling contractors use augered piles which are installed in diameters of 150mm, 200mm, 300mm. Steel cased bottom driven mini displacement piles are 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 168mm, 193mm, 220mm, 273mm, 323mm. Our piling service in London comes with full anti-heave precautions.

Continuous Flight Auger / CFA Piling

On large open sites with unstable ground the, our contiguous piling team in London use continuous Flight Auger piles which represent the best solution for this kind of piling works, as the auger stays in the pile bore to the final depth.

As the CFA is withdrawn, our piling contractors ensure that the concrete is slowly injected through the hollow stem of the auger, directly into the pile. CFA piles are installed in diameters of 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, and 600mm. All of our mini piling methods are available with full anti-heave precautions.

Screw Piles

On a site with restricted access, a piling rig may be unsuitable, something our piling contractors on London sites are happy to discuss with clients. For this work, our piling contractors use a steel screw piling method, an effective solution to this. This kind of contiguous piling can be done by two of our piling contractors on your London site, or with the use of a mini excavator, making it a highly cost effective solution.

As one of the most experienced piling companies in London, we are able to install up to 25 screw piles per day, reducing labour costs significantly compared to conventional piling methods. Another advantage of screw piles is that they work both in tension and compression, which makes them great for underpinning work when used in conjunction with underpinning support brackets.

Grundomat Driven Piles

Groundomat piling in London is often done when sites have restricted access, usually in areas that virtually no other piles can get to. Groundomat piling at this kind of London site is designed to create a highly effective piling solution, with grundomat pile driving hammers used in restricted access locations like railway embankments, or on a much smaller scale for domestic projects.

As our piling contractors in London know well, thanks to experience, grundomat piling is designed to cause a minimal amount of vibration, something that is essential when piling has to be carried out in noise sensitive locations. Grundomat piling in London is predominantly used for home extensions and conservatories in residential areas.

Whether you need contiguous piling at your London office site, or a team of piling contractors for your new London residential building, contact Zawada, we have the piling contractors that London clients can trust.

Contiguous Piled Retaining Wall

Our contiguous piling team in London does a lot of work on basements and ground stabilisation, using this kind of piling when the ground is alongside an adjoining property that must be maintained. For these projects, our piling contractors in London use retaining walls. Contiguous piling in London is done by using piles that are installed approximately 50mm -100mm apart, subject to ground conditions, each connected together by a reinforced concrete ground beam on top.

Every client can count on Zawada Piling Services

Domestic Piling Service London

Whether it’s house building, adding an extension, or finally getting that much desired conservatory on your property, contact Zawada, one of the most trusted piling companies in London. Our team of expert piling contractors work across London, using their industry acumen and professional knowledge to create what clients want, getting it right the first time.

Our piling service in London includes us working to adhere to local authority requirements for reinforced foundations, alongside many other valuable services. From builders to homeowners, our piling contractors in London work closely with all our clients to guarantee great results.

  • New homes
  • Extensions
  • Garages
  • Conservatories

Commercial Piling Service London

Thanks to a vast selection of high end  rigs, our piling contractors in London are able to do a wide range of work for building contractors, developers and construction professionals. As one of the trusted piling companies in London, we are on hand to offer advise on the right piling for a range of work including:

  • Housing
  • Rail
  • Education
  • Highways
  • Local Authorities
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Insurance

Why Commercial Clients Choose
Zawada Construction

Our years of industry experience ensure that all the contiguous piling and other piling service we offer in London is done to the highest industry standards. Our piling contractors work closely with all our London clients to deliver a bespoke piling solution that is ideal for their project and guarantee to deliver results that last.

As one of the trusted piling companies in London, we offer reasonable and reliable quotes, making us a cost effective choice for all your sheet piling, contiguous piling and all piling work in London.

From commercial work such as office developments, student accommodation, garden centres and car showrooms, our piling contractors in London are equipped to deliver work on time and within the agreed budget, just another reason why people choose Zawada.

Our team includes mini piling contractors who can provide a wide range of our foundation services that continues to grow our reputation as one of the best piling companies working in London. Whatever piling service you may need, from contiguous piling to sheet piling and more, contact Zawada today to see what so many clients choose us.