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Zawada reinforcement concrete London
Professional steel reinforced concrete company!

Using reinforced concrete in London construction is commonplace, especially for large scale construction projects. Steel reinforced concrete and other reinforced concrete is used in large structures such as dams, very tall buildings, bridges and even stadium structures, along with many other larger structures.

The reinforcement concrete we use in London, which can also be referred to as reinforced cement concrete in some instances, is a composite material where the relatively low tensile strength and ductility have to be compensated for. This is achieved by the inclusion of suitable reinforcement, hence the reinforced concrete name, giving a structure higher tensile strength and ductility.

As well as all that, reinforced concrete is used in London’s domestic buildings, a common usage for the fittings and foundations of homes and smaller premises. Whether you need reinforced concrete work at your London home, or some large scale steel reinforced concrete for your London based super project, Zawada Construction is the company to call.