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Zawada temporary propping London
Best choice to fulfil all your propping work needs!

When it comes to propping and popworks on London building and construction sites, temporary propping work is sometimes required. In construction terms, temporary propping work, done for many of our London projects, are done as part of a construction or building project specifically to enable the permanent work to be done or built afterwards.

Temporary propping in London can be made of elements such as shoring work, excavation support for certain structures, access scaffolds, or things including falsework and formwork too.

Doing propworks on London building sites involves precision work that must be carefully and professionally done, which enables the permanent part of the project to follow without issue. Our team of temporary propping and other propwork experts across London will do all your work with a safety and structural guarantee that sets industry standards and guarantees the future integrity of your building.

To enjoy the value of our propping expertise anywhere in London, contact Zawada Construction today.