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Zawada underpinning London
Your trusted underpinning foundations company!

When it comes to underpinning in London, it’s the first step to a successful construction project. Used a method of construction, when underpinning a house in London, the depth of the foundations are being gradually increased.

Underpinning at any London building or construction site is something that is so critical that it should always be done by professional contractors and a company that has the highest safety standards as well as excellent reputation. At Zawada Construction, our underpinning work across London delivers all that with our leading service guarantees.

When we are underpinning foundations at London sites, the process involves the excavation of the soil underneath the existing foundation, before our underpinning team replaces that with the chosen and appropriate foundation materials, most commonly concrete.

This part of underpinning work in London is done in stages for maximum structural strength. For all underpinning work in London, getting it done right, and well, is the way to get your project off to a flying start.


As experts in underpinning work in London, the team at Zawada are here to discuss all the advantages of underpinning a house. The process of underpinning a house in London involves underpinning foundations that ensure the structure is available to be inspected.This underpinning  provides the accession for needful enhancements as well, whenever it is felt essential and necessary.

When it comes to underpinning a house in London it is most frequently done and needed on older homes,  during which work the existing set of plumbing and electrical units are changed with the ultimate result being that the underpinning provides the owner with a fresh concrete floor.

Underpinning a house in London delivers long term energy saving, structural protection, and integrity as well as boosting the utility of the underground space, with up to half of the existing room within the structure.

Put simply, underpinning your house in London provides a high level of strength to the existing structure as well as providing stability to the available underpinning foundation. For all underpinning work and underpinning foundations projects in London, be sure to contact our fully trained professionals at Zawada Construction, we guarantee our work and the best results in the industry.